Alec Figuracion



Alec [b. 1992] is a graphic
+ filmmaker.

He was born and raised in the Philippines, and is currently based in Providence, RI where he is pursuing an MFA in Graphic Design at RISD as an extension of his creative practice alongside filmmaking. Here, he hopes to reconcile the many ways he wishes to tell stories and strives to better situate himself as a storyteller, a visual thinker and an individual keeping up with a turbulent world.


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Bodies, Waiting

Film Photography

Using a 35mm film camera, I captured, developed, scanned and edited photos of Kennedy Plaza — Providence RI’s main transportation hub — and the people who wait there for their buses.

The bus station functions as a place where we pass through, a temporary stop before arriving at a destination. By presenting this project in the medium of a website, I hope to illustrate this concept of a place of transience into form.

Moreover, in these liminal spaces, the awareness of our body’s autonomy and endurance is heightened because of the wait. The body contorts, assumes a position in a standstill, and becomes an immobile object. But time is usually synchronized only for those with power, who can generate vectors of velocities and motion. As emphasized by excerpts from Simon Armitage’s satirical poem, Thank You for Waiting, the website attempts to present waiting as more often than not assigned to the powerless as a means to reinforce social and political demarcations by those who don’t have to wait.