Alec Figuracion



Alec [b. 1992] is a graphic
+ filmmaker.

He was born and raised in the Philippines, and is currently based in Providence, RI where he is pursuing an MFA in Graphic Design at RISD as an extension of his creative practice alongside filmmaking. Here, he hopes to reconcile the many ways he wishes to tell stories and strives to better situate himself as a storyteller, a visual thinker and an individual keeping up with a turbulent world.


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In Database as a Symbolic Form, Lev Manovich argues that the database, a structured collection of information stored in a computer, and the narrative are oppositional forces. The former, in its purest form is unordered, while the latter inherently is — a cause-and-effect trajectory.

Stories explores the architecture and interface of the website in order to execute multiple narratives through a catalog of 24 arbitrarily filmed footage: a ball bouncing down a flight of stairs; a half-eaten pizza; tumbling clothes in a washing machine; a garden washed by the warm afternoon sun. By allowing users agency to order and re-order the sequence of shots through basic web sorting functions such as by title, length, file size, or random, this work aims to find the intersection between database and narrative.

GRAD THESIS I ︎︎︎ FALL 2023 ︎︎︎ RISD